Darren Aronofsky, 2017



A woman (Jennifer Lawrence) gets pregnant


A woman wakes up in her bed. She just had a bad dream. She lives with a poet (Javier Bardem). Their quiet life will be disturbed by a man (Ed Harris) with his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their two sons. The woman has to kick them out of her house and fight to get her man back.

She’s now pregnant. He miraculously starts to write again. An army of disrespectful fans invades her house. It’s chaos. The army can’t prevent the walls from shaking whenever she experiences contractions.

She finally gives birth. She asks the man to keep the door shut so she can rest for a minute. And as soon as she opens her eyes, her baby boy is gone. She finds him eaten by a crowd.

The woman has had enough. She sets the house and herself on fire. Before she dies he asks her for her love. He uses her heart and turn it into diamond to recreate life. Everything goes back to the beginning. The woman wakes up in her bed.


Mother! is about the hell of being a woman.

If she’s not a mother, she’s nothing. She lives with a man who’s older but seems to be immature. He drives her mad because he never listens to her.

Why would you do that without asking me?

He uses any opportunity to leave the house or let the door open – to be inspired he says. She feels guilty for his lack of inspiration. She suffers from his mood. She also suffers from his parents who travel with a picture of their son in their luggages. Only a mother in law could be that aggressive.

You’re not gonna be so young for ever.

As a woman, she has to step up. She has to become a mother other she will lose him for ever. And if she loses him she will be alone in this big house. She brought the structure but he seems to be the one who brings life to the whole building. So she finds the right words.

You talk about having kids but you can’t even fuck me!

Getting pregnant is a way for her to keep him home, at least for a moment because he’s like a butterfly. He escapes again when she needs him.

Don’t leave me.

Becoming a mother is extremely painful. The floor is not bleeding anymore. But the sufferance gets worse and worse. She can’t even enjoy the fact that he writes again because he doesn’t write for her, he writes for himself. He disappears again to join his growing fan base. It should be all about her but instead there are more and more pictures of him on the wall. It also feels like more and more strangers invite themselves everyday so you don’t recognize the place anymore. They keep the restrooms busy. They steal things from her. They challenge her. They even insult her. Her inside feels ransacked.

Once she’s a mother, she’s immediately being deprived. She can’t take care of her baby. She’s being betrayed by her man who was supposed to keep them safe. Instead he gave the boy away! And everyone eats him piece by piece. She just didn’t want this life. She doesn’t know what to do anymore but to commit suicide. The truth is you can’t live with the door closed and she probably needs him too much. But on the other hand she feels like no one listened to her, especially him. She feels like she never met with the expectations.

Nothing is ever enough.

So she burns out. But before dying, she’s generous enough to give him her heart. He will use it to regenerate everything. Thanks to this precious gift, he will reshape the house entirely and bring her back to life. Until it starts again.


This publication reflects the views only of the author.


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