Drake Doremus, 2017


Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa) are unsure.


Martin and Gabi meet through a dating app, except their encounter seems different. They quickly fall in love. They have a lot of fun until things slow down. They argue and end up cheating on each other as soon as they have a chance. Yet they believe their couple is worth fighting for.

We can make this work!

So they agree to be in an open relationship. Everything goes fine until they hide things from each other. Their contract is broken. They separate. Except Gabi doesn’t see a future with Larry (Danny Huston). And Martin can’t recreate the past with Bethany (Pom Klementieff). So Martin and Gabi get together again.



Newness is about fleas.

Martin and Gabi are a perfect cliché of Millennials, that generation we keep reading about in magazines. They are both dating experts who want everything the world has to offer, without knowing precisely what they want. They think fast, therefore not very far. Impatient is what could define them best. Whenever they face a problem, they jump to a different dog. Why wait? Life is short. They’ve seen a few things already, but they are hungry for more. Martin and Gabi feed themselves with what’s new. And there’s something new every minute thanks to technology and social media. Those tools are a trap full of frustrations for Millennials because nothing really satisfies them ever.

Everything I do is not fucking good enough.

They have grown as ambitious individuals who can’t stand the possibility of not being unique. Martin and Gabi are like anyone else though. They are not immune to the routine. And they are definitely not stronger than their worst enemy : the everyday. This thought is unbearable for Gabi and Martin who see life as a never ending honeymoon. So they keep playing with fire, certain they won’t get burnt because they can be transparent with each other. As if it was easy. Open relationships work for Frank and Claire Underwood, not for everyone.

Also there is no such thing as full transparency. And love is not like a TV series on Netflix. Love is not something that can be binge watched. No one can skip episodes or watch them again. It simply doesn’t work this way.

Paul (Matthew Gray Gubler) tries to teach Martin a lesson.

Love is two people who don’t give up on each other.

But Martin and Gabi lack wisdom. They are far too selfish to take the advice. Persistance is a concept they ignore. They see themselves as adventurers who want to try everything, even though they are not gypsies at heart. They learn nothing. They are actually desperate for attention so they move away and come back home, looking for drama. They wish they could start everything all over again and it would work. Typical.

I want to try it with you because when we were together it was magic.

How long does new last? What gap are we trying to fill? Are the best broths cooked in the newest pans?


This publication reflects the views only of the author.

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