Explaining a movie is questioning its meaning. It’s about giving some perspective.

Therefore, the point is not to review the actors’ performance but to decode the narrative. It’s not about trying to spot the devil in the detail but to focus on the big picture.

The idea came up one night. The son that I don’t have yet was playing with his toys. He suddenly asked me:


Dad, I kind of liked ‘Drive’. But I don’t drive myself. So I’m afraid I might have missed the point. Could you please tell me what it was about? You’re so clever.

He was right. I am clever. And he was right: Drive is more than just a guy who drives a car. Rocky is more than just a boxer. Working Girl is more than an assistant. Moneyball is not about baseball and Jaws is not about fishing.

I explain movies so the fans can wonder. I hope the virtual son of mine will tell me one day:

I didn’t see the movie this way. It’s much deeper than I thought. Thanks dad, you’re so clever. I’m proud to be your son. 


I don’t pretend to own the truth, please excuse the typos. I just question what I see and try to articulate it in a way that makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. Call me an idiot.

At least, let me share those explanations with you.